Orchestre Poly-rythmo de Cotonou [Echos Hypnotiques]


Format : Cd / New / Compilation
Label : Analog Africa
Genre : Afro

500.00 ฿

Four years in the making, Analog Africa drop their 2nd volume exposing the incredible Voodoo Afro-Funk of Benin's Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou. In contrast to the first volume, 'Echos Hypnotiques' features 15 tracks recorded in a proper studio setting, the famous EMI studios at Lagos, to be precise. During the period presented here - 1969-1979 - the mighty Orchestra was without any doubt one of Africa's most innovative groups. Capable of playing any style of music, the band moved from Traditional Vodoun Rhythms to Funk, salsa or Afro-Beat seamlessly and quickly became the powerhouse of Benin's music scene, backing most of Africa's stars touring the country such as Manu Dibango, Ernesto Djedje, and Bella Bellow. The rhythms here are rendered beautifully at one of the best studios int he region, making plangently clear their innate feel for complex and inimitably funky percussion, deeply rooted in the Vodoun tradition and the melting pot nature of Benin heritage. Lovers of the drum and African music at large will be in their element here. Highly recommended!!!

1. Se Ba Ho
2. Mi Ve Wa Se
3. Azon De Ma Gnin Kpevi
4. Noude Ma Gnin Tche De Me
5. Ahouli Vou Yelli
6. Gan Tche Kpo
7. Malin Kpon O
8. Mede Ma Gnin Messe
9. Agnon Dekpe
10. Zizi
11. Ma Dou Sou Nou Mio
12. Koutome
13. Houe Djein Nada
14. Minkou E So Non Moin

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