Rasmee - Isan Soul EP

Format : CD / NEW / EP
Label : -
300.00 ฿

Rasmee Wayrana was born in Nam-yuen district in the eastern most Thai province of Ubon Ratchathani. Her father is of Khmer descent and was the founder of a 'Jariang' (Khmer folk singing) band. Rasmee began singing at age 5, and when she was 13 she joined the local 'Changtone Konbanpa' in Si Sa Ket before moving to Khon Kaen province to join the 'Siang Khaen dan Isan' Morlam band. Rasmee now lives in Chiang Mai and has collaborated with respected Western musicians such as Ralph Thomas, Bamako Express and the French band Poni Hoax. She played several gigs in France with the band Limousine in 2014. In addition to Morlam Rasmee performs in various other styles including Blues, Jazz, Afro music and Pop. Her singing style combines influences from Morlam-Jariang cultures and is a rare blend of Thai cultural and musical insights. This is her first album.


1. Maya
2. Muang Choot Dam
3. Boonruen's love song
4. Lam-Duan
5. Where are you?
6. Praka Prui
7. Nou E-na

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