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Sroeng Santi / Narong Rurachbuadang
Pai Na Pai / Siang Teoy Jak Phin Jak Khaen

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Side A : Pai Na Pai
Artist : Sroeng Santi
Reworking another 70s rock classic (see if you can spot that riff!) as only Sroeng Santi can, this is tuff Luk Thung Underground of the highest order, driven by a fierce backbeat and Santi's barked vocal. If you loved the 'Iron Man' cover, this one is going to stop you in your tracks.
Side B : Siang Teoy Jak Phin Jak Khaen
Artist : Narong Rurachbuadang

Sparse 60s Molam, all clattering percussion and droned out phin and khaen (the Isan three stringed lute, and bamboo mouth organ respectively) this sprightly instrumental revealed hidden depths after remastering. Check that bass drum and try to stop your foot tapping when this is on the decks!

Since 2009, DJs Maft Sai and Chris Menist have taken the unique sounds of their 'Paradise Bangkok' events
around the world.  As well as sell out nights in Thailand, the pair have played in Japan, UK, Germany,
Switzerland and Austria with more dates planned for 2012.  Launched at their recent 3rd Anniversary
event in Bangkok, the 'Paradise Bangkok' label seeks to unearth little known musical gems from across
Asia and Africa, starting off with two future Thai classics that have been thoroughly road tested on
the dancefloor.  Pressed up in a limited edition of 500, the single boasts a silk screen cover and
hand stamped labels, as well as being individually numbered.

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