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Various Artists
Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz and Molam from Thailand 1964 -1975


1. Chaweewan Dumnern – Lam Tung Wai

2. Chaweewan Dumnern – Lam Toey Chaweewan

3. Onuma Singsiri – Mae Kha Som Tam

4. Thapporn Petchubon, Noknoi Uraiporn, Thongthai Tin Isan – Isan Klab Tin

5. Ream Daranoi – Fai Yen

6. Panom Nopporn – Sao Ban Pok Pab

7. Plearn Promdan – Wan Maha Sanook

8. The Petch Phin Thong Band – Soul Lam Plearn

9. Waipod Phetsuphan – Ding Ding Dong

10. Saknatee Srichiangmai – Nom Samai Mai

11. Yenjit Porntawi – Lam Plearn Toh Lom Nhao
12. Chaweewan Dumnern – Sao Lam Plearn

13. Dao Bandon – Mae Jom Ka Lon

14. Sanae Petchaboon – Pen Jung Dai

15. Thong Huad & Kunp’an – Diew Sor Diew Caan

16. Sodsri Rungsang – Uay Porn Tahan Chaydan

17. Kawaw Siang Thong – Kai Tom Yum

18. The Viking Combo Band – Pleng Yuk Owakard

19. Dao Bandon – Tang Ngarn Si Nong

Vinyl Bonus Track: Soi Saeng Daeng – Hi Five

Thailand means different things to different people. Beyond the beaches and tourist spots lies a world of music still waiting to be discovered. Be it spaced out jazz, raw funk or the meditative sounds of the North East, Soundway has dug deep into the country’s vinyl archives to present a broad range of vintage sounds that underlines Thailand’s status as one of South East Asia’s musical hot spots.

As Soundway’s entry point into the Asian music world, The Sound of Siam CD and double LP offers a unique vantage point to the most experimental period in Thai musical history. The 19 tracks reflect the outcome of a twentieth century journey from Thai classical to Luk Krung and Luk Thung – music that incorporated western influences such as jazz, surf guitar, ballroom and even Latin and African.

The music maps changing social demographics, the movement of people, culture and language from countryside to city and all during a period when the record labels were at their most experimental.

My favourite comp of the year, really well sequenced & very entertaining – thumbs up all round. Mr Scruff

This is funky garage rock topped with idiosyncratic Thai vocals. If you want to know what an oriental Stone Roses would sound like, check out The Petch Phin Thong Band. Uncut 4/5

A fascinating trip through an alternate musical universe of Bangkok funk, traditional sounds and even reggae lilting nodders. Clash Music

Possibly my favourite retro release of the year but I would expect no less from Soundway. Congratulations again, and again, and again…Mary-Anne Kennedy (World on 3)

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