Carlton Jackson . Lee Perry&the Upsetters / The Upsetters [ History . History Dub / Upsetting Rhythm #1 ]

Format : 10inch / New / Reissue /
Label : Rock A Shacka(jp)
650.00 ฿

Rock A Shaka Records does it again!  The latest single from Rock A Shaka is an alternate take and alternate dub of Carlton Jackson's excellent "History" on a crisp new 10" single.  This alternate take is straight from the master tape and apparently previously unreleased. The B-side is another unheard gem from the Black Ark vaults, an unknown song presented simply as "Upsetting Rhythm". Both dubwise tracks are literally straight from the master tape, as you can hear the musicians warming up and Scratch giving instructions before the song begins!  Currently the record only seems to be available from the Rock A Shaka web site, but will most likely hit shops in the UK, USA, and France before long. Don't miss your chance to get a copy of this crucial platter!

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